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MG Midget clutch

Subject: MG Midget clutch
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 96 08:04:24 -0400
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          I know your misery. I'm still working on mine. What does 
          seem to help is:
          With the bleed tackle still hooked up to the bleed screw,
          crawl underneath, disconnect the push rod from the throw
          out fork, have your assistant open the bleed screw while you 
          push the piston of the slave all the way in with the push
          rod. When the piston bottoms, close the bleed. 
          Repeat as required.
          Also, make sure the master cylinder has been bled. Loosen 
          the pipe at the top of the cylinder, have your assistant
          press the pedal. Fluid should flow from the join. (Make
          sure the painted surfaces are protected.) Tighten the join.
          Keep us apprised.

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