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Re: Grose-Jets any good?

Subject: Re: Grose-Jets any good?
From: "Curt Onstott" <>
Date: Mon, 08 Apr 96 08:34:41 PST
     I've found that while grose jets do not have as much of a tendency to 
     stick open on hard corners etc.  They do seem much more sensitive to 
     dirt and gunk though.

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Subject: Grose-Jets any good?
Author:  "Glen R. Wilson" <> at Internet_gateway
Date:    4/7/96 2:49 PM

Hi Everybody,
I remember hearing recently of a lot of people having trouble after 
installing Grose-Jet valves in their SU float bowls.  There seemed to be 
a possibility that there were manufacturing defects or maybe that the 
pieces were breaking down from the new gasoline.
What was the gist of that discussion?  Should I go with the ball-valve 
Grose-Jets or stick with the standard SU needle valves?
A quick reply would be appreciated.

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