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Re: Grose-Jets any good?

To: "Glen R. Wilson" <>,,
Subject: Re: Grose-Jets any good?
From: (John Wroclawski)
Date: Tue, 9 Apr 1996 17:35:14 -0400
At 5:55 PM 4/7/96, Glen R. Wilson wrote:
>Hi Everybody,
>I remember hearing recently of a lot of people having trouble after
>installing Grose-Jet valves in their SU float bowls. [...]
>What was the gist of that discussion?

Seems to be a wide range of opinion about these critters. My own
experience, in TR3 SU's, is good. Used them for some years now, no
sticking, no flooding, etc. I do believe they're more sensitive to dirt
specs than modern (soft-tipped) needle-type valves. Particularly if you
have an older car with only a fuel screen, not a filter, you might consider
adding a good in-line filter right before the carbs.


John Wroclawski

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