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Re: Speed limit in early '50s

Subject: Re: Speed limit in early '50s
From: (Bill Singleton)
Date: Mon, 8 Apr 1996 08:37:42 -0400
>> In an earlier discussion, about the MG-TD's high (5.125) gear ratio, the
>> consensus was that the top cruising speed is around 60 mph. Wasn't this a bit
>> low even for the early 50s? Does anybody remember what the highway speed
>> limit was back then? How did this compare to other cars of the period?
>When the TD was new the Interstate highway system didn't exist, and
>four-lane highways were few and far between.  U.S. Route 40 (the major
>East-West highway of the time) and U.S. Route 1 (the major North-South
>highway here in the East) were two lanes, twisty, and went through every
>town and village along the way.  Speed limits varied from state to state,
>but here in the East 50 MPH was the norm on the major U.S. and state
Out west, some states (Nevada and Montana spring to mindand I think Texas
was in there, too) used the Basic Speed Limit, which was "as fast as
conditions allow" until the mandated 55 limit.  Montana and Nevada have
gone back to that now.  Cailfornia and most other sates had a maximum 55
mph limit, although California tacked on  "or as fast as conditions allow".
Most roads weren't  up to a speed of 55, so 45 was often the fastest legal
speed on the highways.

  --Bill Singleton
Who really wasn't paying much attention to speed limit signs in the early
'50s, but did watch a lot of old movies.

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