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OD electrics questions

Subject: OD electrics questions
From: (Will Zehring)
Date: Mon, 8 Apr 1996 08:54:52 -0400
Fellow fiends:

The fateful day during which the OD tranny will be ensconced in Old 
Whitesides fast approaches!  My plans have been postponed so far by pesky 
demands at work (piffel!) and the odd spring snow (yep, its snowing now!).  
Why just yesterday I was a-putterin' on the old dear, installing the dash 
switch.  I propose to press on and do the deed this coming Friday!  

But...   I need your help.  Specifically, I need the help of someone out 
there with an early B, equipped with an  OD tranny.  If you are so lucky as 
to own such a car, pray, read on!  

I need to know where the various electric bits mount in the engine 
compartment.  There is a relay, a vacuum switch, and at least one other 
doo-hickey whose name I've forgotten but is in my box of bits and is on the 
electrical diagram of my Haynes manual.  Sorry for the lack of 
professionalism, but what the heck, if we talk about 1100s on this list we 
might as well talk of doo-hickeys (they're about the same, afterall).  
Anyway, if you own a car so-equipped, please go out to the garage, note the 
location of these items and post the news to me.

I thank you.

Will Zehring, 
who has the highest regard for the MG 1100, and all owners thereof.

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