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RE: British racing green

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Subject: RE: British racing green
Date: 09 APR 96 14:06
>Can anyone tell me where the term "British Racing Green" comes from.  To =
 my knowledge green was never a racing colour, was it?  The early racing =
 T's were called "cream crackers," and I thought the later teams were =
 white. My TD is what is called British racing green, but that's a =
 misnomer, isn't it? Tom Britt

 My belief, based on some unknown source from the past, is that the BRG first ap
 eared on any sponsored cars on the 4 factory "A" coupes prepared for the '55 or
<'56 Sebring race. Can anyone correct me.

 I have a model formula 1 BRM in BRG, dating from the sixties.  BRG was,
indeed, a racing color.

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