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RE: British Racing Green

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Subject: RE: British Racing Green
From: "W. B. Olson" <>
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 1996 13:01:46 CST
Check the Moss Catalogue.  Factory and aftermarket color nr's are in 
a chart towards the back of the book.

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> Subject:        RE: British Racing Green
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> On Monday, April 15 Kelly Deffendall wrote:
>  ->I know it's not a MG color, but I painted my 72 B a Jaguar
>  ->color called "Brooklands Green".
>  ->
> ... would you happen to know the manufacturer's number for
> this color?  As Bill Olson indicated, "I believe it is an MG color..."
> and I would like to confirm that the MG "Brooklands Green" and
> the Jaguar "Brooklands Green" are one and the same.
>  ->In anything but direct sunlight, it could be mistaken for black.
>  ->Really looks good with the Biscuit interior.
>  ->
> ... excactly what I am looking for <g>.
> Larry Unger
Bill Olson
Arkansas State University

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   my winston cup car (winny)
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   who owned and drove a new MGA (with no name) when she was in 
   college several (yeh, several for sure) years ago     

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