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BRG, etc.

Subject: BRG, etc.
From: (Will Zehring)
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 1996 08:48:26 -0400
Fellow fiends:

I'm not sure exactly how British racing teams adopted Green as their 
national racing color but it was certainly true in the good old days of 
international grand prix racing (i.e. pre-sponsor, pre-ugly ground effects 
cars).  However, these color designations had nothing specifically to do 
with MG.

Specific colors were routinely associated with the nationality of the entry. 
 Green was used by the Brits (ERA, Conaught, BRM, Lotus, Cooper, Jaguar, 
BRP); Silver was German (Auto Union, Mercedes, and I belive Porsche); Red 
was (of course) Italian (Ferrari, Fiat, Alfa Romeo), French was Blue 
(Bugatti) and the US was either White or White with a blue stripe (though I 
can't point to a true "US" grand prix car).  Were the early Gurney Eagles 
White?  I know Briggs Cunningham raced white/blue at Le Mans.  Early Honda 
was white as well, so there is some confusion here.  

These color designations have largely gone out the window in modern racing, 
with the exception of Ferrari (the last of the purist GP teams) and their 
red cars.  I think in the final days of the F1 Lotus team (2 or 3 years ago) 
there was a small patch of green on the cars (next to the sponsor's logos).  
Now-a-days, its sort of a nostalgic thing to refer to BRG or to the "Silver 
Arrows."  I'm in favor of it.  

I'd be interested in hearing any other remarks along this thred, though it 
might be good to encorporate MGs into the posting.  After all...

Will "What ever it is, I'm against it!" Zehring

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