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Re: BRG, etc.

Subject: Re: BRG, etc.
From: (John Allard)
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 1996 09:32:04 -0700 (PDT)
>Will Zehring notes:
>>Specific colors were routinely associated with the nationality of the entry.
>> Green was used by the Brits (ERA, Conaught, BRM, Lotus, Cooper, Jaguar,
>>BRP); Silver was German (Auto Union, Mercedes, and I belive Porsche); Red
>>was (of course) Italian (Ferrari, Fiat, Alfa Romeo), French was Blue
>>(Bugatti) and the US was either White or White with a blue stripe (though I
>>can't point to a true "US" grand prix car).  Were the early Gurney Eagles
>>White?  I know Briggs Cunningham raced white/blue at Le Mans.  Early Honda
>>was white as well, so there is some confusion here.
Gruney Eagles were whit e with blue.  Japan's international colors are/were
white only as I recall.  But you are missing the point.  The colors was for
Formula Racing as well as sports car events...
>My recollection is that the French blue was sort of a powder blue and that
>the US color was closer to a royal blue.  I also seem to recall that
>divisions other than Formula I used the national colors.
The useeage of these colors as other postings have stated dates back to to
20s and they were still a custom/regulation up untill the late sixties and
early seventies.  The GT40s that won at Le Mans were Blue with white stripes
in ?69? but still loyal to the basic American Paint scheme.
>For the truly dedicated, James Garner did a movie about Gran Prix racing
>during that time.  I always enjoy watching the racing scenes and think it
>would be best to watch with the fast foreward button close at hand.  Garner
>reportedly enjoyed the film because he got to do his own driving (in a
>white Formula I Honda).
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