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Electrical Problem

To: "'MG Group'" <>
Subject: Electrical Problem
From: Melissa Mann <>
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 1996 11:20:01 -0700
I have a minor (I hope!) electrical problem I was hoping to get some =
advice about.

I just got my 1980 B painted, and she looks absolutely gorgeous, but....
now I'm having some problems with my lights.

My left headlight doesn't work -- with or without the high beams on.

My right rear tailight (the one in the middle) doesn't go on.

When I have my headlights on, the left turn signal indicator (on the =
dashboard) is on -- steadily, not flashing.  When I turn on the left =
turn signal, the indicator is off.

Everything was working fine before I got the car painted.  I looked at =
the headlight bulb (without removing the headlight itself -- I didn't =
want to scratch my new paint!!), and it doesn't look like it's burnt =

I appreciate any advice about how I should go about taking care of this =

Thanks in advance.

-- Melissa

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