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Re: Electrical Problem

Subject: Re: Electrical Problem
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 96 12:31:35 PDT

> I have a minor (I hope!) electrical problem I was hoping to get some =
> advice about.
> I just got my 1980 B painted, and she looks absolutely gorgeous, but....
> now I'm having some problems with my lights.
> My left headlight doesn't work -- with or without the high beams on.
> My right rear tailight (the one in the middle) doesn't go on.
> When I have my headlights on, the left turn signal indicator (on the =
> dashboard) is on -- steadily, not flashing.  When I turn on the left =
> turn signal, the indicator is off.
> Everything was working fine before I got the car painted.  I looked at =
> the headlight bulb (without removing the headlight itself -- I didn't =
> want to scratch my new paint!!), and it doesn't look like it's burnt =
> out.
> I appreciate any advice about how I should go about taking care of this =
> situation.
> Thanks in advance.

Two words: bad ground.  The painters probably disconnected a wire from the 
body so it wouldn't get painted or else they bumped something loose.  Look 
around for a black wire somewhere near the left front of the car that isn't 
hooked to anything.  It needs to be attached to the body or something 
conductive that's mounted to the body.  Someone with a late model B may be 
able to tell you where to look for the grounds for your car.

Good luck!

Denise Thorpe

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