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Dump Current Owner

Subject: Dump Current Owner
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 1996 16:31:09 EDT
-- [ From: Bob Nogueira * EMC.Ver #2.10P ] --

Just thought I'd post a note which would make all of you feel smart. 
Last Sunday I pulled the BGT into the garage to change the oil and
reset the timing. Oil change went well. Pulled the dist. set the points,
hooked up the timing light and got into the car and turned the key. I
never heard the started even turn over, the engine must have caught
within the first two teeth. Problem was I didn't have my foot on the
clutch and the trans was in reverse. Yeap, car backed right out of the
garage: problem was the left door was open and caught on the garage
door jam , I now have a BGT with a 180 degree swinging door.

An hour later I had the door and fender off the car ( why does everyone
say the fender bolts under the dash are difficult to get ?)
Monday I went to our local LBC parts supplier ( Sportscar Parts
Warehouse ( Arlington TX) to take the hickey on a new fender and door.
Byron advised me that while he stocked the repros he had had lots of
trouble with fit ( confirming what I had read on the list). He
suggested I look out back where he keeps about fifty LBC as parts cars.
Now this is where I make you people in the salt belt feel bad, I was
truly amazed at how many cars had NO RUST!!! Several had rusted out
floors due to standing rain water, but most all were rust free.  I
found my door and fender ( two to choose from) and in both cases they
had no filler or rust. Yes I checked inside the door and it still had
the original white paint and not a speck of rust. Two hundred dollars
got me the door and fender .  
Now its off to the paint store for supplies and a couple of days
vacation and hopefully I'll be back in the BGT and A LOT SMARTER next

Bob Nogueira " Talking Smart....Acting Stupid"

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