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fuel pump / electrical

Subject: fuel pump / electrical
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 96 08:50:47 EDT
I just want to past on a situation that happened to me with my B.  I had a fuel
pump problem where at highway or city driving the car would cut out then
continue.  On further investigation the points in the fuel pump looked bad so
I replaced them.  This did not fix the problem, electrical circuit in the 
pump was doing the cutting out which you can't fix but replace the
pump,  which I did and everything is fine.  I guess one thing I'd like to say is
these fuel pumps can act funny and it's better to replace the whole pump.  The
car only has 47K on it and it's a 1980.  

I have an electrical problem.  When driving, may tech. ,fuel gauge and 
directionals stop working for awhile then start working again.  
Any ideas?  nothing else seems to be wrong......Thanks Todd...

1959 100-6 BN6
1980 MGB LE

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