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Re: hybrids

To: Andrew Mace <>
Subject: Re: hybrids
From: (John Allard)
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 1996 07:55:26 -0700 (PDT)
>On Thu, 11 Apr 1996, John Allard wrote:
>> Nash Metropolitins I believe, had a Brlitish engine.
>> Same block as was later used in the Sprite/Midget as I recall!
>Right. Metros used a couple different Austin engines. But it could have 
>been quite different:
>Not long after Mayflower production began, Standard-Triumph's Sir John
>Black approached Nash-Kelvinator's George Mason regarding use Mayflower
>components in what was to become the Metropolitan. Later on, Sir John
>apparently changed his mind. The Metropolitan ultimately used Austin
>engines, but bodies were built by Fisher & Ludlow (as were bodies for the
>Mayflower). Nearly three times as many Metropolitans were built (around
>100,000 as opposed to 35,000 Mayflowers); it may not have been a good
>Not being a real expert on the Austin/Nash/Hudson Metropolitan, I 
>nonetheless seem to recall two different engine sizes; perhaps both A, then 
>B series engines were used?
I was just thinking that Donald Healey probably had something to do with
that.  Mason and Healey met in the early fifties during the Nash Healey
project and later, when Healey brough out the 100-4 and Austin literally
appropriated it over night (Healey showed up at the 1953 London Auto Show at
Earls Court with the prototype 100-4 with Austin engine in it, Austin saw
it, went into meetings with Healey and the next day the car had an AUSTIN
HEALEY name badge on it).  While the Nash Healey was not going gang busters
the relationship was there and I suspect that when Mason went a shopping, he
approached Donald at least for advice and the proper introductions at Austin
were made.
This  is just a suspicion.
(And you guys thought all I knew about were ALLARDS!)
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