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Re: hybrids

To: Andrew Mace <>
Subject: Re: hybrids
From: Bill Glanville <>
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 1996 15:22:27 -0700
Andrew Mace wrote:
> On Thu, 11 Apr 1996, John Allard wrote:
> > Nash Metropolitins I believe, had a Brlitish engine.
> > Same block as was later used in the Sprite/Midget as I recall!
> Right. Metros used a couple different Austin engines. But it could have
> been quite different:
> Not being a real expert on the Austin/Nash/Hudson Metropolitan, I
> nonetheless seem to recall two different engine sizes; perhaps both A, then
> B series engines were used?
> --Andy

        My contact with the Austin/Nash/Hudson Metropolitan thread started 27 
years ago.My 1958 MGA needed an engine rebuild but I could not take the car 
off the road since it was my year round/only vehicle. The solution was a 
quick weekend engine swap. The donor was a wrecked Nash Metropolitain which 
used a 1500 cc MG engine. I of course bolted the twin SUs and 4 spd tranny 
from my MGA onto the block. This engine performed like the original. The only 
drawback was no mech tach drive. I still have the '58 MGA and the Metro 
engine is still in it, Austin green valvecover and all.
Bill Glanville                 58,59,60 MGA's         
Scottsville NY                 67,70 MGB's       60,61 TR3's

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