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Re: MG,U-Haul,Prayer

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Subject: Re: MG,U-Haul,Prayer
From: (Bill Singleton)
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 1996 12:34:00 -0400
>Hello all,
>        A few months ago, I paid no attention to a topic and now I am
>kicking myself for it.  I am moving and I need to get my MGB, and everything
>that whould normally go into the car (my parts are on the garage floor) to
>Columbus, OH from Van Wert, OH.  I need Ideas.  I was pondering the use of a
>U-Haul, but I am leary of how to get it inside, what size of truck I will
>need, and the cost of renting this beastly Ford.

U-Haul also rents auto carriers.  I pulled out TD from Florida to Virginia
driving a U-Haul van and pulling a carrier.  These are not the car tow
dollies that only accept one pair of wheels, but full-length trailers that
carry the entire vehicle.  U-Haul has two types. one only has tracks for
the tires and won't accept cars with a narrow stance.  The other has a full
floor of heavy duty steel mesh.  The U-Haul rep I spoke with said I could
not use the first type with the TD, but I don't know if the B has a
sufficient width between the wheels.

This arrangement gives you a 12-foot truck into which to put your parts and
enough towing power to handle the trailer & B.  It's a good idea to have a
car cover if you're towing.

I would not recommend putting the car inside the truck.  You would need
ramps and, if the road was bumpy, your car could bounce around -- maybe up
against a wall or two.  There aren't any convenient ways of tying the car
down properly inside a U-Haul that I could discover.

Of course, I had the TD moved inside the moving company's semi-trailer when
I came to Connecticut, but they had equipment to tie it down properly.

good luck.


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