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'69 BGT to be parted out

Subject: '69 BGT to be parted out
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 96 12:15:55 PDT
Fellow MG rescuers,

This one is very unlikely to be saved.  Last Saturday, my boyfriend and I 
pulled the head off of the $200 '69 BGT and discovered that the head was 
cracked in more places than I thought a head could be cracked.  Judging from 
this and the melted oil filler cap on top of the head, the engine needs at 
least new rings.  It's a shame because the engine looks like it was low 
mileage and just rebuilt--there are no ledges at the top of the cylinders, 
the valves aren't sunk into the head, and the rocker shaft shows no wear.
I believe it was rebuilt because the engine is Ford blue and the odometer 
shows 95K miles.

When I started adding up the cost of just what we knew the car was going 
to need, it turned out to be more than the car is worth.  It's an amazingly 
straight and original car and has no more than the usual dogleg rust, but 
GT's just aren't worth much in sunny Southern California.  If it ran, it 
would be worth about $600.  So, I'm keeping the wheels, the entire suspension 
front and rear and the engine, and the rest is up for grabs.  Here are some 
examples of parts and their prices:

complete air injection system, air pump turns, but otherwise condition unknown,
S.U.'s with big vacuum ports fore and aft, $50,
padded dash with all gauges and switches, dash is only cracked on top, $100,
non-OD tranny, condition unknown, $100,

You get the idea.  If someone wanted the body, the signed pink slip (title) 
and the key for it would go with it.  If someone really wanted the entire 
car (it hasn't been dismantled yet) they could have it for what the parts 
are worth to us, $800.  Email directly to me.

Denise Thorpe

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