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Re: TD Voltage Regulator Help

Subject: Re: TD Voltage Regulator Help
From: "W. B. Olson" <>
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 1996 13:08:20 CST
Try repolarizing the generator.  Take a jumper wire and attach one 
end to a hot wire on the battery.  Then - tap, got that? just tap and 
draw some sparks, the "F" terminal on the generator.  Do that twice.  
Then reattach the generator wire to the "F" terminal, remove the 
jumper wire entirely and crank up the car.  Check to see if the 
cutout now pulls in normally.  Let me know if this helps.

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> My '51 TD has a new wiring harness, reworked generator, and new battery. The
> motor runs, the generator is putting out the correct voltage but the
> generated current does not flow past the regulator--it keeps drawing from
> the battery.  I removed the cover from the regulator and cleaned the contact
> points(no change). 
>  However, I did notice that when the motor was running at over 1000 rpm, I
> could manually make the contact on the cut-out and the solinoid would hold
> it in place (and the generator was feeding the system with current-not the
> battery)until the motor was put at lower than 1000 rpm at which time, the
> contact would open and the system would again start drawing from the
> battery. I suspect that this contact should occur automactically as you
> increase the speed, but this doesn't happen.  I tried to adjust the cut-out
> as described in the shop manual but that doesn't seem to change anything.
> Any help would be appreciated-- 
> Bob Dallas
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Bill Olson
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