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Re: Everything tools

Subject: Re: Everything tools
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 1996 18:21:50 -0400
I hate to start another snake oil thread, but I am a sucker for tools. I can't 
pass a tag sale, flee market etc without looking at every tool. Tim Allen is 
right! Real men want tools

Anyway there is a new info commercial for a set of Metrix tools. The claim is 
that the sockets and wrenches grab the side of the nut rather than the corners 
and therefore fit American SAE, metric, and Whitworth. Not only this, they fit 
rounded off nuts just as well! I have MGs of all ages and have wrenches for all 
three systems. The thought that I can take an extended trip with one set of 
wrenches instead of three is appealing. 

Anyone out there buy a set and try them? What quality are they and where in the 
far east are they made?

Don't be embarrassed to reply. I bought Grip Master which I love, even though 
its so complicated I need an instruction book to figure out the most simple 
clamp set up.

Mike Leckstein ( you are never too rich, too skinny or have too many tools)

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