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Re: Everything tools

Subject: Re: Everything tools
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 96 12:01:01 PDT
This probably won't get through because nothing I've written lately has.  
My company recently installed a firewall and they obviously consider my 
comments inflammatory.

Jay Tilton responded:

> Mike Leckstein wrote:
> >I hate to start another snake oil thread, but I am a sucker for tools. I 
> >pass a tag sale, flee market etc without looking at every tool. Tim Allen is 
> >right! Real men want tools
> Where's that leave our Empress?  I'd hate to think a love of tools
> makes her any less of a lady.  (There's a tasteless joke in there
> somewhere, but I'm sure not going to extract it.)

That's "priestess."  You want tasteless jokes?--I worked in construction for 
three years.  I know 'em all.

> >Anyway there is a new info commercial for a set of Metrix tools. The claim 
> >that the sockets and wrenches grab the side of the nut rather than the 
> >and therefore fit American SAE, metric, and Whitworth. Not only this, they 
> >rounded off nuts just as well!
> Right, only the name is "Metrinch."  A devastatingly clever play
> on words.  <gag!>
> I've watched that particular infomercial several times.  As wary
> as I am of gimmicky junk, these things look pretty snappy.  Like
> most infomercials and snake-oil salesmen, it's mostly endorsements.
> On the other hand, unlike most infomercials, the product
> demonstrations are almost convincing.  Almost.
> No doubt one socket will fit several nut sizes and even ones with
> somewhat rounded-off corners (common sense says it won't work on
> anything ground down to a circle), but how well do they work in
> practice?  Seems there'd be a lot of slop that might be undesirable
> when you're using a ratchet.  How much of a handle rotation is
> taken up just turning the socket until it grabs?
> And the tests where the grease monkeys attempted to destroy the
> sockets through abuse might have been a little more convincing
> if they'd done the same things with a regular six-point socket and
> ruined it.
> All that aside, if I had the money, I'd probably buy a set.
> >Anyone out there buy a set and try them?
> I'd like to see an independent review too.

Snap-on has had this for years, it's called "flank drive."  The inside 
angle of all wrenches and sockets is relieved slightly with a circular 
cutout.  The wrench or socket pushes on the nut slightly back from the 
corner where the nut is stronger.  If you took this idea to an extreme, 
I can see how one socket would fit different sizes that were close, but 
I don't see the benefit of this.  You're _least_ likely to round off a 
nut with a socket that's the closest in size.  Snap-on tools may be 
expensive but you get what you pay for.  And no, I don't get a kickback 
from them (but should!).

Denise Thorpe

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