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Midget fuel tank removal

Subject: Midget fuel tank removal
From: "A.D.Smith" <>
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 1996 15:28:21 +0100
Firstly, as you said, no welding.  

The tank comes off pretty easily - four bolts if I remember correctly.

Try to drain the tank if you can, which will make it easier, then support
it on a couple of axle stands or jacks with a wooden board on the top to 
spread the weight.  Loosen the bolts off, leaving them just holding on.

When you're ready to drop the tank, disconnect any wires / pipes running 
underneath it, take a deep breath, and go under to remove the nuts.

Then, very carefully, drop the tank down on the jacks and lift it off onto
the ground.  

NO SMOKING either.  It's a really easy job, though I found it very nerve-
racking when I did it.  Shouldn't take more than an hour or so though.

Good luck.

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