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MGB prices....

Subject: MGB prices....
From: Stephen Brook <>
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 1996 15:29:30 BST
> I currently know of at least 1 $20,000 MGB.  a 1980 Last Edition with
> delivery milage.  This car was properly, and I stress the properly,
> prepared for storage and stored since new.
> The current owner drove it home, spent a week preparing the car for storage
> and has not started or run the car since.
> There are rumours of two other's in western Canada in the same state.
> The price reflects a serious offer that was refused, and was calulated
> using Standard GIC rates for the years in storage.
> Yeah I know, it seems dumb.  But....

I've been reading these messages about MGB prices and the fact
that people store some cars for years on end. I'm so frustrated, I've
got just one thing to say to ANYONE who owns an MG just so that
they can keep it in their garage:

       YOU  ARE  VERY  SAD

Cars are meant to be driven. If they were meant to be ornaments,
they would be 6 inches long so that they would fit on the mantlepiece.

Sorry. But I feel strongly about this.

Stephen Brook
Brunel University

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