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Re: suppliers of parts

Subject: Re: suppliers of parts
From: (Michael MacLeod)
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 1996 14:58:51 -0600
>At 02:46 PM 4/20/96 -0500, Eric Houkal wrote:
>> At the risk of starting a huge controversy, I am compelled to ask
>>(before I send all my money down the proverbial pipe) other MG people to
>>relate their experiences with  1. Victoria British, 2. Special Interest
>>Car Parts, 3. The "other places" in the Mg section in Hemmings. I am
>>looking for interior, trim, and top parts. Since all descriptions are
>>similar, prices are close, it comes down to your comments & experiences
>>as to who gets my money. thanks,
>Huge controversy? It will take more than this.
>I presume the "other places" would be:
>Moss Motors 800-667-7872 good source, inexpensive
>Roadster Factory 800-678-8764 best in quality but it costs more
>Who is Special Interest Car Parts? Might they be a good source of parts?
>I had serious problems with Victoria British about six years ago so I
>haven't ordered from them since. But they seemed to be the cheapest in price
>and quality at the time.
>Right now Moss and the RF serve my needs quite well when it comes to new
>parts. But since I am not wealthy these days, I still buy used for many of
>the costlier parts.
>David Councill

I have had mixed experiences with all of the above.  Generally I have found
them to be roughtly equivalent.  Some rules of thumb.  Asian parts are
seriously lacking quality.  Although I did buy the interior kit for my A
-Red Leather from Scarborough Faire I am disappointed with the quality of
the leather.  1000 miles and the finish is rubbing off the seats.  The
vinyl is the wrong type and badly afixed to the panels.  They recommended
buying the panels with the vinyl sewn on, but it looked awful.  I am happy
with the colour, which is what led me to select it.  The coulour is
incorrect for MG's but the bright scarlet looks fabulous against my Black
Car.  I am usually stopped two or three times a day when I am driving.
(damned nuisance!  :-).  In short get NOS or better parts.  the upholstery
kits from Moss are good.  Haven's seen the others.

good Luck

Michael MacLeod    From Alberta - Where the beer and the antelope freeze!!
'68 BSA Spitfire                   '60 MGA                      '63 Jag Mk 10
'83 BMW R100 RS

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