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Re: suppliers of parts

To: Phil Bates <>
Subject: Re: suppliers of parts
From: Roe <>
Date: Sun, 21 Apr 1996 08:11:18 -0400 (EDT)
I tend to agree with David on British Miles, had a bad experience with
them & will share it with those who write me. Phil...

On Sat, 20 Apr 1996, Phil Bates wrote:

> >Well we're back to suppliers again. I'm game here we go:
> >
> >Special Interest Car Parts have the best interior packages in quality
> >and price.
> >Moss and Vic Brit are the same as far as I'm concerned so your best bet
> >is comparison shopping. Do not expect any technical support help here.
> >Moss can usually get it it to you faster.
> >Roader Factory is best for your stock engine parts and hardware, ie.
> >brackets, mounts and hoses  and carry Rover parts when available.
> >If you want performance parts with technical support Brit-tek
> >800-255-5883 and Motorhead 800-527-3140 or e-mail
> >are the ones to call.
> >Used parts call Jim Knight of British Racing Green in Delaware
> >302-368-1117 great guy and if he can't find it at his place he'll try
> >his best to point you in the right direction.
> >One caution stay many Kilometers away from British Miles. I've never
> >met a more greedy, nasty, self proclaimed "expert" in life.
> >well that's my opinion good luck, David Deutsch
> >
> I have to defend British Miles here.  I have gotten several very hard to get
> parts through them.  And their prices are no more unreasonable than Moss or
> Victoria British for the relatively common parts.  They are even quite a bit
> cheaper on some things, for example - speedo angle drives.  What I have
> found is that your customer service at British Miles varies with the person
> on their end of the phone.  Paul Barnes is very accomodating - and
> knowlegable, and Tom, the owner, not quite as accomodating, but still fine,
> and also quite knowledgeable (sp?).  I don't deal with anyone else there.
> Oh, and they really don't like it if you call their toll free number and are
> not ordering.  This I can understand, that line costs them money.
> Phil Bates
> 67 MGB
> 75 Jaguar XJ12C
> 52 MG TD replicar (VW)

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