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Oil cooling

Subject: Oil cooling
From: (Steve Foster)
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 96 08:49:34 BST
Advice needed!  
I have an MGA with oil cooler.
At speed the temp gauge creeps up and depending how hot the air
temp is the temp gauge can go alarmingly high.
I've done all the water cooling clean out tricks everything there is

My oil cooler never gets hot! The pipes don't get even warm.
I've taken the cooler off, blown it through, same with the pipes,
taken off the oil filter and checked that air blows through.
I can even hear it bubbling deep in the block / sump.

Should an oil cooler be cool even when the water temp is at 212+.
I would think not. Any idea's before I pull the sump of and clean the
strainer and sump out?

Steve Foster

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