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Electric fans

Subject: Electric fans
From: (Steve Foster)
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 96 09:05:13 BST
I saw a comment on electric fans.
My experience is as follows.
I fitted a kenlow and removed the mech fan.
It was a bit quieter, didn't notice any change in performance or
economy (don't care about the's a hobby - petrol is nearly
4 dollas a UK gallon here).
At speed and long distance the water temp shot up and showed no sign of 
coming down. The Kenlow was on all the time - not up to the job!

Put the mech fan back on it seems to have recovered (still to hot for
my liking hence the oil cooler mail).
The reason for fitting the  Kenlow was idling in London traffic causing

Now I have the mech fan for high speed and the Kenlow for traffic.
A's runs hot. With the  kenlow on or the engine at 1500 rpm heat is blasting 
out of the oval vents. The Kenlow has more power than an engine at 
tickover but not at much as the engine fan at say 3000rpm.
An A needs all the cooling it can get!

Steve Foster.

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