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Re: Rubber Bumpers/Looks

Subject: Re: Rubber Bumpers/Looks
From: Roe <>
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 1996 07:42:28 -0400 (EDT)
Interesting thought Simon, I have a 80B snapdragon yellow that looks
beautiful, yes beautiful, with the black bumpers(it also has thin pin
striping along the top of the car as well as thicker striping(both black)
on the bottom of the car. Get as many good comments about the looks of the
80B as I do of my 67B(both are in really good shape). Phil... 67B & 80B
love em both.

On Mon, 22 Apr 1996 wrote:

>      I believe that the reason for the differences of opinion over the
>      looks of rubber-bumper cars is that the looks are very sensitive to
>      colour. If the car colour works well with the bumpers, they look great
>      (for example, black bodywork). If the colour works badly, they look
>      terrible.
>      Comments?
>      Rgds,
>          Simon

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