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Re: Re: Rubber Bumpers/Looks

Subject: Re: Re: Rubber Bumpers/Looks
From: (Cindy Jizmagian)
Date: 22 Apr 1996 20:32:07 GMT
>     On the other hand, have you EVER heard of anyone refitting a chrome
>bumper car with a rubber one?

Actually, I would consider doing just that.  I owned 2 chrome bumpered B's
and really liked them both. It took a little time to get used to the rubber
bumpers, but now I really like my 77B.  (What I hated was the single carb
which I replaced with twin SU's at the first opportunity.)  

>Just look at it like your comparing apples
>to oranges. They look great in their own rite. You might just have a
>preference to one, either or both.

I agree..... and one's preference can change.  I kind of think of it like
falling in love, then running into an old boyfriend......He still looks good
but now I'm "stuck on" (not "stuck with") the current one.  

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