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Re: Denise Thorpe Rumor

Subject: Re: Denise Thorpe Rumor
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 96 11:48:01 PDT
Glen Wilson and Will Zehring abused me thusly:

> >What's all this I hear about Denise Thorpe and this Lord Sprocket 
> >cutting up MG 1100's and burying them in San Diego?  This is the most 
> >shocking bit of news I run across in a long time.  To think we trusted, 
> >nay, worshipped her as the Lord High Goddess of SPAM.  Personally, I'm 
> >not really all that surprised as she has recently exhibited a marked 
> >decline in dedication to the Cause evidence by her recently flippant 
> >rejection of my application for an Historical Preservation Grant from 
> >SPAM.  

He wanted 300 bucks from the SPAM council which consists of only me and 
I've got three 1100 mouths to feed!  And it's PRIESTESS!

> >We must all be certain not to relax our vigilance to ssure the 
> >protection protection of our cars from the likes of Denise Thorpe.
> >
> >Glen Wilson
> Glen, I couldn't have said it better!  I think an investigation is called 
> for.  How much do you think she's pocketing by cutting up all these 1100s?  
> Tens!  I tell you, TENS!!! of dollars.
> Will "shocked beyond belief" Zehring

It was only one, and, and, the floorboards were rusted through and it had 
been rearended... and I didn't _know_ that it was in better condition than 
any 1100 in England.  What can I say?  I was young and foolish.  It'll 
never happen again.  I promise, *sniffle*.  But I've still got the parts 
from it.  And I didn't bury it, I recycled it.  And I've never even met 
this Lord Sprocket person, if that's his real name which I doubt.

BTW, how much does a lordship cost?  Could I be Lord Denise?  Would that 
get me out of speeding tickets?

Denise Thorpe

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