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Re: Denise Thorpe Rumor

To: (Denise Thorpe)
Subject: Re: Denise Thorpe Rumor
From: Tim Moses <>
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 1996 13:59:12 -0600
At 11:48 AM 4/22/96 PDT, you wrote:
>BTW, how much does a lordship cost?  Could I be Lord Denise?  Would that 
>get me out of speeding tickets?

        You could never be "Lord" Denise; you could, however, be "Lady"
Denise.  It's a sexist thing of nobility.  {Sexism, however, is NOT noble}

        Frankly, I much rather prefer "Priestess".  This may not have the
desired effect (i.e., getting out of speeding tickets), as it seems a little
pompous.  How about:

                LADY DENISE, High Priestess of SPAM 

Tim Moses, Esq.                        
   U.S. Naval Academy `86      
Live from Augusta, Georgia      -      We're a Hole in One !

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