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Re: broken head bolt

To: Curtis <>,
Subject: Re: broken head bolt
From: (Jay Tilton)
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 1996 05:13:09 +0600
Curtis wrote:
>Then it happened...SNAP. I broke off one of my head bolts in 
>the block. It was one of the long ones that hold the rocker arm 
>on as well. Help! How do I get the broken bolt out of the head?

Yee!  That's no fun.  Nosiree.  One big buzz-hassle.

No advice on how to remove it beyond the usual easy-out solution, which
should go pretty smoothly if the threads were nicely cleaned and lubricated
beforehand.  You did remember to clean and lube the threads, didn't you?

But I'm wondering if anybody knows if a head bolt that snaps during torquing
might cause any big problems.  I'm envisioning a scenario where the sudden
localized loss of clamping force would cause the head to warp or crack.  Or
would that only happen if the engine were allowed to run in such a state?
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