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Re: MG racing history questions

Subject: Re: MG racing history questions
From: (Lane Rollins)
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 1996 15:55:43 -0700
>Fellow fiends:
>I'm curious about a page in the history of spridget racing.  Way back when
>they were new cars, didn't someone race a few one-off spridget coupes?  At
>Le Mans, or Sebring or something?  Who did this?  Where can I find out more
>about these cars and the history of the effort?  Were the cars fiberglas or
>metal bodied?  When did this happen?  Were the cars competitive?

The factory built up several of these cars. One of them that was used a
Sebring lives hear in Portland, I don't know when or if Stan will ever
restore the car. He told me a lot about the cars and the history of his. To
be honest I wasn't paying much attention, so I don't remeber a whole lot.

Cheers, Lane

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