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Re: Bumpers

Subject: Re: Bumpers
From: Glenn Schnittke <>
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 1996 10:49:00 -0500 (CDT)
It took me a while to get to like the Sabrina bumper (known locally as the
"Dolly" bumper) on the early '74. The maroon came with them and now when I
look out at the yellow car sitting next to the maroon, I tend to miss those
little buggers.

One aspect of the style that seems to be overlooked here by everyone is that
the overiders are a great place to place a beer while tuning. It's also a
good place to sit while engaged in small jobs like putting the gasket onto
the valve cover before installation. This is a design factor that I believe
B(PS)L overlooked for years, and was just at the point of realizing when
nipped off by the Imperialist US Congress. 

*Yellow car update*

Sunday was opening day of outdoor sworking season in Gnashville. I woke
semi-early to look out at a slightly overcast, warm day. Great day to move
the rear springs & shocks from the maroon to the prim. Nutshell is that they
came OFF the maroon easily enough with the help of a strategically placed
bottle jack and onto the prim with less effort than I remember getting them
onto the maroon in the first place. The trouble came when trying to get the
old springs off the primrose. The front mounting bolt on the right side had
rusted solid to the metal sleeve inside the bushing and I had to resort to
cutting it out with a hacksaw while laying on my back.

But the effort was well worth it. With that one small job, I have
transformed the prim from a 4 wheel steering car to a front steering car and
once I get control of the front end I'm sure it will go where I want it to
when I want it to. It also lightened up the steering considerably due (IMO)
to a decrease of front wheel caster.

She sits a little prouder now and a little more glorious. I'm thinking of
eventually installing some sort of locating device on the rear axle after
everything else is done; something like traction bars or an A-arm, but if
she handles even half as well as the maroon in the end I'll be happy.

Glenn "I had five minutes off today" Schnittke
The universe is inherently funny.

Glenn Schnittke                    Recovering Musician
Nashville TN                       615-385-2800   

'74 MGB - fatally wounded
'69 MGB - prim little touring car

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