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mgb vs midget

Subject: mgb vs midget
From: Mike Gigante <>
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 1996 17:15:33 -1000
Michael Chaffee has summarised the virtues of the spridgets quite
well, so I'll just say I agree with every thing he said and only add a
couple of ancilliary notes.

A 'B' will never handle as well as a spridget. If you like punting the
car around, go with the spridget.

With a tall diff (you can get 3.7 diffs you know), a spridget makes a
quite tolerable freeway cruiser, but a 'B' would be more suitable if
only for its ease of relaxed driving (i.e. slower steering reponse!!

Tall folk can fit a lot easier in early spridgets (1/4 elliptic cars
-- the ones with the side curtains instead of wind up windows). It
helps to have a 12" or 13" steering wheel!

There is no more affordable fun car than a spridget with a warm motor
and mildly improved suspension. Spridgets respond fantasticly to
simple and inexpensive improvements.

I love whipping the 'B's in MG racing here! Only the hot V8s can beat
a good spridget. No B would come close to a good spridget in
autox-style events. (See me whipping a hot 'B' at

BTW, I am biased if you hadn't gathered.


Mike Gigante
3D interactive graphics, Virtual Reality, british sports cars, and wine      

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