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Re: Leaking petrol!!

To: (Bernadette Roche),
Subject: Re: Leaking petrol!!
From: (Jay Tilton)
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 1996 04:26:25 +0600
Bernadette Roche wrote:
>Today, we looked to see what was
>causing the leak, and found that the petrol was escaping from a tube that
>runs down the side of the engine.  From the workshop manual it appears to be
>called a vent tube?

Runs down from the anti run-on valve, right?

The needle valve in the float chamber of one of the carbs is stuck open.
The problem might go away if you remove the float chambers from the bottom
of the carbs and give the floats a little jiggle.  If that doesn't cut it,
replace the needle valves.
Jay Tilton  |  | Virginia Tech

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