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Re: Leaking petrol!!

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Subject: Re: Leaking petrol!!
Date: 25 APR 96 09:09
As others have already pointed out, the shut-off needle in your float-bowl
is not stopping the flow of fuel to the bowl. This could happen for a
couple of reasons.  1) the needle is stuck.  This can happen with either
standard needles or Grose jets.  2) the float has sprung a leak and no
longer floats.  In any case, you should remove the fuel line and overflow
line, unscrew the three screws holding the cover down, and open up the
float chamber.  Shake the float to see if there is any fuel in it. Check
the bottom of the chamber for debris and sludge.  You may have to suction
out the sludge.  A turkey baster works nicely for this, and imparts a
wonderful LBC aroma to your turkey.  If you are using standard needles,
remove the float and check the end of the needle for wear.  If there is
a little ridge around the steel tip of the needle, it's time to replace
   Bonne chance, Bernadette!

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