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Fuel pumps and fans

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Subject: Fuel pumps and fans
From: Anthony Sarain <>
Date: Sat, 27 Apr 1996 23:51:20 -0700
Last week, my '79 MGB stalled going up a hill.  It only stopped running =
for 5 seconds, then ran fine the rest of the way home.  During the week, =
this started occurring more often, only when going up hill or going fast =
on the freeway.  Friday, I was going up the same hill when the car =
stopped completely.  The fuel pump was clicking at a fast rate, but not =
fuel was going through the fuel filter (I have a glass fuel filter).  =
The fuel pump is a 2 month old SU carb.  Can this problem be anything =
else but the fuel pump?  Is it an adjustment to fix, or should I pull =
the pump out and get a new one?  Could it be a problem with the
fuel tank?

Secondly, I need to replace the two electric cooling fans.  Is there a =
fan that is cheaper than the MG replacements (approximately $90 each)?

Anthony Sarain

'79 MGB, driven daily in San Diego -- unless it is REALLY beautiful . . =
. then I ride my '76 BMW R90/6 motorcycle

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