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RE: Fuel pumps and fans

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Subject: RE: Fuel pumps and fans
Date: Mon, 29 Apr 1996 01:01:00 -0700 (PDT)
If you're not concerned about changing the stock setup, I would strongly 
suggest replacing the 2 fans with one generic thermostacticly controlled, 
large fan which mounts directly on the radiator. The knock off replacement 
fans work just as well as the original ones but thats not really too well. 
They seem to be too far away from the radiator to get a good flow of air 
through the radiator. Besides, a good 12" fan with thermostat will cost you 
under a hundred at Summit or Supershops.

Chris Reichle
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Subject: Fuel pumps and fans
Date: Saturday, April 27, 1996 11:51PM

Last week, my '79 MGB stalled going up a hill.  It only stopped running =
for 5 seconds, then ran fine the rest of the way home.  During the week, =
this started occurring more often, only when going up hill or going fast =
on the freeway.  Friday, I was going up the same hill when the car =
stopped completely.  The fuel pump was clicking at a fast rate, but not =
fuel was going through the fuel filter (I have a glass fuel filter).  =
The fuel pump is a 2 month old SU carb.  Can this problem be anything =
else but the fuel pump?  Is it an adjustment to fix, or should I pull =
the pump out and get a new one?  Could it be a problem with the
fuel tank?

Secondly, I need to replace the two electric cooling fans.  Is there a =
fan that is cheaper than the MG replacements (approximately $90 each)?

Anthony Sarain

'79 MGB, driven daily in San Diego -- unless it is REALLY beautiful . . =
. then I ride my '76 BMW R90/6 motorcycle

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