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Oil Cooler

Subject: Oil Cooler
From: (Steve Foster)
Date: Mon, 29 Apr 96 09:24:38 BST
A while ago I asked for advice about my oil cooler that did not seem
to be getting any hot oil through it.
Thanks to Barney Gaylord of Napperville who diagnosed the problem
at a couple of thousand miles distance.

A DPO or DPPO fitted an oil cooler or had some reason to need a 
new oil outlet adaptor?! The adaptor has a moulded 1" pipe, this was changed 
for pipe coupler. This did not pickup the oil allowing it to circulate
under pressure happily around the engine bypassing the cooler and
and oil filter. Looking at my B series workshop manual I can see 
the way the goes with and without the pipe.

Fitting the proper adaptor (a 5 minute job) gave instant results.
The car now has the same oil pressure, a hot cooler and I know that oil
is going through the filter.

A happy LBC story. Thank g_d the B series is as robust as it is.
I don't know how long it's been wrong but hopefully regular oil changes
have been performed. I have very good cylinder pressure so it seems all

Looking forward to the next problem.

Steve. Guildford UK. 

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