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Re: Pick Ur Parts

Subject: Re: Pick Ur Parts
From: Robert Rhodes <>
Date: Mon, 29 Apr 1996 10:15:57 -0400 (EDT)
        Mr. Broome does indeed have a huge yard just full of old British 
parts.  He used to be called columbia sports car garage, but I think 
lately its British sports something or other.

        His prices tend to be rather high, but he nearly has the market 
cornered for old british parts around here.  He also has lots of 
rebuildable cars.  Last time I was there he wanted around $2000 for a 
rebuildable MGB.  And he doesn'tlike to negociate from what I've heard.  
(I'm told that he was asking $3000.00 or so for some triumph and which 
the prospective buyer offered less teh price went up.)

        If anyone has an interest in any of his part or cars (and there 
are lots of different cars, MGs, triumphs, jags, the occasional bmw, etc) 
and wants someone else to take a look drop me a line.

Rob Rhodes                              Columbia, S.C.
72 B

On Mon, 29 Apr 1996 wrote:

> Fellow Prewarriors and Others of the Marque,  Last week I was talking to a
> chap in South Carolina, Bill Broome, who sez he as the largest scrap yard on
> the east coast and has been in the business 40 years,  over 850 British cars
> in the yard including a SS1 , two Triumph Mayflowers, and other exotics....He
> had the Opel Kadette bumper guards I need for my Arnolt MG restoration.  Why
> Kadette bumpers you ask?  Well it turns out that Mr. Bertone and Mr. Opel
> both fabricated almost identical bumpers in cross section albeit 20 years
> apart....but that is another story.
> What Mr. Broome told me that may be of interest to you is that he has a line
> on 10 XPAG engines complete with gearboxes in England and that if he can get
> commitments for 3 or 4 (with contingencies of course), he would go over and
> check them out for condition and completeness and import them if they check.
>  I have no financial interest in passing this along, its just that I know
> XPAG's are hard to find these days, especially ones with good cranks.  Whats
> Moss want for a new crank?  $1600 or so....This yard also must hold some
> precious junk as well....!   
> Anyway, I have Broomes phone no. at the office so if anyone wants to talk to
> him, email me and pass on the number.
> Cheers, Terry

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