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Hello World, just got a '78 Midget

Subject: Hello World, just got a '78 Midget
Date: Mon, 29 Apr 1996 17:41:37 -1000
I just got a '78 Midget, my first MG.  Years ago I had a TR3A
which is a story in itself, but this is a MG list so I'll keep
this on MG's.

Is there a site/FAQ for MG Midgets specifically?
On maintenance? On driving them? Listing of mail order companies?

I'm located near Sacramento in California.  The car is a 1978,
I'm the third owner, 2nd owners had car for 14 years, 49000 original
miles, original white paint, minor body damage to front right fender
and a few other misc minor body dings.

What is the proper brake/clutch fluid for this car?  Any recommendations
on engine oils, brands, weights?  What little I've read so far indicates
I should invest in an oil cooler.  What should I do to maintain the
wire wheels?

That's probably enough for now,
Mike Jaquet

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