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Re: MG Tour

Subject: Re: MG Tour
From: "W. B. Olson" <>
Date: Mon, 29 Apr 1996 22:04:57 CST
OK... I'll admit that I've got my neck out a mile here, but seems to 
me that I've read several parts books that identify what I normally 
call the roadster as a "tourer".  The "coupe" on the other hand is 
identified as a "Grand Tourer".  

OK... Now jump all over me and give me grief for entering this thread.

I admit that my memory is real iffy on this one.

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>      Hello:
>      I recently received an e-mail question in response to my MG web page 
>      that I can't answer, so I thought I would ask the list.
>      First of all, I should say sheepishly that my knowledge of MG's is 
>      quite shallow beyond the MGB (and it's not so good there either).  The 
>      question is this:  has anybody heard of an MG Tour?
>      This sounds to me like a generic term that could apply to any number 
>      of MG's, but the author of the original e-mail merely states that he 
>      has a friend who has an "MG Tour", and he is interested in purchasing 
>      it.
>      Thanks for your time and patience!
>                         Michael Lytton
>                         1970 Pale Primrose MGB 
>                (home)
Bill Olson
Arkansas State University

67 mineral blue MGBGT  (saphire)  searching for an overdrive
68 red MGB Roadster  (ruby)  (sold)
72 mallard green MGB Roadster w/overdrive  (emerald (emmy))
95 plumb mist Ford Crown Victoria w/engine and suspension package -
   my winston cup car (winny)
92 dirty Nissan Stanza (wife's car (no name)) but a great woman 
   who owned and drove a new MGA (with no name) when she was in 
   college several (yeh, several for sure) years ago     

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