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Re: starter problems-65 Midget Mk1/1275

Subject: Re: starter problems-65 Midget Mk1/1275
From: "Roger Garnett" <>
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 1996 11:07:40 -500
Glen Eldridge writes:

> My Midget Mk1(65) has gone through two 
> starters in the last week, both burnt out within a day after three or 
> four starts. 

Burnt out? Really? You mean if you try to run it out of the car, direct from a 
battery, (with jumper cables) it won't work? If so, you may have burned it 
        -Over voltage, from a bad regulator or intermittant regulator 
or      -constant running, due to shorted start switch or wires

are about the only way this could happen.

> When I try to short the starter relay terminals, I get no spark at all.

Do you have clean power *AND* grounds?

        -2 connections at the battery
        -1 ground connection from the battery
        -Pos. to the starter switch
        -ground cable from engine to body

Loose or corroded connectors, or dirty/poor connections at any of the above 
can cause such problems.

> - are starters polarity-sensitive,

No, just the generator is- and if it's charging, it's ok.

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