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Re: starter problems-65 Midget Mk1/1275

Subject: Re: starter problems-65 Midget Mk1/1275
From: (Mark Jurras)
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 1996 15:57:18 -0400
> Reply-To: Robert J Donahue/DELCO <>
> I believe somebody commented that starters are not polarity
> sensitive. I'm just a novice backyard auto mechanic, but as
> an electrical engineer, I believe all DC motors are polarity
> sensitive.

I believe that the starter uses electromagnets not permanent so when
you reverse the polarity to magnetic field reverses too and the motor
turns the same way with either polarity.

> I had a weird experience
> with a two-cycle Saab 96, where I had the two spark plug
> wires reversed. This reversed the firing order and and the
> engine actually started up backwards!  In reverse the car
> went forward and vice versa.

What a wonderful anti theft device.

- -Mark

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