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RE: oil loss

To: UNGERL@Reston.UnisysGSG.COM
Subject: RE: oil loss
From: "Ernest E. Gilbert" <>
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 96 17:02:29 -0700
Thanks for the responses. You have all convinced me that the head has to be 
redone. You may recall from my prior woes that this is the engine I purchased 
already rebuilt so don't have a lot of history on it. Pretty confident that it 
was done well since the rebuilder is in the trade and did this one for himself. 
I have confirmed that it was bored .40 over with new pistons and longer rods. 
Mild cam also. But then the head that came with it dropped a valve seat at 150 
miles. I'm going to redo that one and put it back on.

The current head, however, was purchased ready rebuilt from someone known to 
have used the phrase "good enough" where $$$'s are at stake. Both heads are big 

Answering the questions about driving, I frequently bite the orange in at least 
3 gears, but only on the street. I seem to take at least part of the term 
Safety Fast seriously when I'm in an MG. (But I'm not a HAPE driver) Havn't 
been on a track or course since I raced a '32 stude on a quarter turn dirt 
track in Michigan in the 50's.

Thanks again


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