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Midget Shocks and Tires- Advice and Experience?

Subject: Midget Shocks and Tires- Advice and Experience?
From: "David E. Brown" <>
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 1996 14:08:42 -0400
Hello Everyone,

It is indeed on the road, (and driving in today's hail, I might 
add!), and now the suspension's needs are bringing themselves 

On the 13" Rostyle wheels, does anyone have a reccomended tire?  
There are a lot of choices if I want a 155/80, but I would like to 
get the most "Sporting" tire that would fit and provide good 
performance.  I eagerly await your replies, as good ol' dry rot is 
soon to leave the beast on the roadside.

The front suspension is pretty good, with the exception of bump 
control:  The front end will bounce 3-4 times with a good push, and 
it sure makes those Detroit potholes interesting!  Filling the left 
front shock did not seem to have a great impact, and I could not 
help noticing the price of rebuilt and new units.  What should I do?  
Rebuild (is it possible?) refill (with what, ATF and MC fork oil 
being the two current possibilities) or buy? Yikes!

Thanks for the input,

Dave --------->77' 1500 Midget "NetProject"

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