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From: John Bartholomew <>
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 96 08:04 PDT
Dear LBC owners, can this be true.
I have finally got the 76B on the road after the 2 1/5 year restoration and
now I am concerned about overheating, can this really be true!
Almost everything is brand new. The engine was boiled out oil ways cleaned,
re bored 20 over, crank re ground -10, new oil pump, cam, tappets, valve
seats, valves, push rods, water pump, thermostat, catalytic converter,
exhaust etc etc. The radiator has been reconditioned, header tank removed
and tubes cleaned and this sucker runs HOT! I mean the temp gauge is right
under the H.

Here's what I have done to try to correct this, so far. 
Removed the catalytic converter.
Removed the thermostat.
Adjusted the timing and retarded the ignition to 8deg.
Changed the water pump.
Used a smaller water pump pulley from a 69B.
Run the heater.
Swapped the radiator.
Replaced the voltage regulator to fuel/temp gauge.

I have driven it about 150 miles total, it runs fine except the temp gauge
indication scares me (all my good work is going to be ruined?)
I am beginning to think this is a lost cause. Firstly, should I expect this
engine to run hot for a period, 500-1000 miles (break in?).
At about 50MPH the temp remains steady right on the H of the gauge, if I
idle for 5-10 minutes it creeps up a hair (normal). If there was no temp
gauge I probably would not worry, but there is! and it is telling me something.
I know these smogged later B's run hotter than their predecessors, but how
hot is too hot! 
Things left to try. 
Replace the temp sender.
Install a calibrated water temp gauge (I have one on hand).
Try a different distributor.
Install an oil cooler, I was going to do this later anyway.

I just hate to drive it in this condition in case, I am doing damage.
Do any of you folk out there have any words of wisdom.......HELP!
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