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Re: Tuxedo et al

To: Dave Houser <>, David Deutsch <>
Subject: Re: Tuxedo et al
Date: Mon, 6 May 1996 18:28:26 -0400

On Sun, 05 May 1996, Dave Houser <> wrote:
>If there are any other TD or TF owners listening, drop the MGA rear 
>into your cars. The 4.3 is the way to go. Sure, the hills may slow you 
>down a bit but that's why downshifting works. Aside from lower revs 
>and less screaming from the engine you get a very usable third gear 
>for all around town driving.

I am one foolish TF driver who likes a stock rear. I Know it is harder on the 
engine, but I drive more often on back roads and around town where the stock 
rear provides the go when you need it. The trips to GOF's are tough on the 
interstate so I go a little slower. In the end the car was designed for the 
rolling hills and curved roads and the stock rear provides the true pleasure of 
this type of driving. I hope I don't change my mind at the next engine failure.

>It was a great MG weekend and now onto Carlisle.
>I will bring along some "MG Online Nametags to hand out at the MG 
>Council meeting Sat.
>Keep drivin,
>To all those coming to Carlisle the MG Council meeting is at 11 am Saturday. 
on the list can meet there or at 12:30 at the NEMGTR table under the 
Note this is a half hour later, but the council meeting may run over an hour as 
the final arrangements are made for Indy.

Mike Leckstein

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