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Re: car runs on one cylinder

Subject: Re: car runs on one cylinder
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Thu, 16 May 96 11:10:04 PDT
Jim McDougal added:

> Not to make this situation any more complex than it already is, My 
> housemate has a motorcycle with a one cylinder, four stroke engine. It is 
> a Suzuki Savage, and I imagine that the flywheel is weighted to allow it 
> to run, but I wouldn't be calling the people at Guiness just yet.

Hoping to make this situation more complex, _I_ once saw a Midget run on 
two cylinders with no spark!  The owner wanted to increase compression 
but was too cheap to buy different pistons so he had a lot of metal shaved 
off the bottom of the head.  With two spark plugs out and no spark plug 
wires connected, he was turning the engine over by hand to adjust the valves 
when the thing started.  It didn't run well or long, but it ran.  So much 
metal had been shaved off the head that the engine had been turned into a 
diesel.  He had to replace the head.  Feel free to dispute this; I'm not 
sure I'm alive unless someone's contradicting me. ;-)

Denise Thorpe

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