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RE: car runs on one cylinder

Subject: RE: car runs on one cylinder
From: (Ross MacPherson)
Date: Thu, 16 May 1996 11:41:54 -0700
>Moss has some real nifty yellow bands numbered 1 to 4 that were original on
the A. Problem is they must go on before the caps so you can only use them
if you are building the plug wires like on the A and before,
Another solution:
Find your neighbourhood Industrial electrician and beg/borrow/steal some
wire markers.  They're available in any number of sizes and colours.  The
style I use have black numbers on white adhesive tape about 3/16" wide. Peel
then off the roll in any length desired, wrap them around the wire to be
labeled et voila! problem solved.  (they also come in handy for labeling the
spaghetti behind your entertainment system).  The adhesive is tenacious and
the numbers are printed with an ink made to withstand the harshest
industrial environments.  I can probably get a supplier address if anyone is
interested and can't find them locally.  The manufacturer of the brand I use
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